Faucet Suspension

May 16, 2018     admin    

We have recently detected a numerous abuses on our site. Bots are increasing tremendously and hackers are gaming our faucet exploiting our site’s security flaws. We could not keep up with it and have decided to suspend our service. We are now working to tighten up our security and tracking system. Please bear with us as we work on our site in order to continue our faucet service. We will notify all…    read more 

Automatic Reward Adjustment

May 5, 2018     admin    

The BTC bull run is on, the btc market price is getting higher and higher. To address the volatile and fluctuating btc market price, we have made an automatic reward adjustment based on the market price. Meaning, if the market price goes up, rewards will be lower. If the market price goes down rewards will be higher. The rewards is constantly equal around 0.0005 USD to 0.002 USD. From time to time,…    read more 

New Layout, New Pages

April 21, 2018     admin    

New Faucet Page Layout. The faucet page is altered and redesigned to be more efficient, sustainable, and simple. News Page Added. News and updates is transferred to a separate page instead of placing it in faucet page. You can now also post comments to it same goes to our articles and monitor page. Added Chat Page. Chat page is also created on a separate page with three channels currently. Particularly English, Russian,…    read more 

Lowered Minimum Withdrawal

April 10, 2018     admin    

Good news! We have lowered the minimum withdrawal threshold from 10,000 satoshis to 7,000 satoshis. We will also now be scheduling payments on Thursdays. As a result, there will be two payment schedules in a week; Thursdays and Sundays. Happy Earning!

New Reward System

April 4, 2018     admin    

In order to cope up with the rapid community growth and attain business sustainability, we remodeled our reward system. The reward amount on each claims are lowered. On the other hand, our referral commission is tripled to 30%. The maximum number of claims per day is also raised to 120 times. Please also understand that the reward amounts will also be adjusted from time to time in relevance with the current price…    read more