BitcoinGates Faucet Rules

BitcoinGates is made in order for people to lean more about Bitcoin while earning some Satoshis along the way. However, some people tend to take advantage of our site. Thus, the following rules must strictly be followed by all users:

  • You can only claim once every 5 minutes
  • You are not allowed to claim more than the submit limitation per 24 hours. You can check how much you’ve claimed through the profile section on the upper part of the page
  • Bots are not allowed on the faucet
  • You are not allowed to use a VPS or VPN to connect to the site
  • Captcha solving services and software is not allowed
  • Creating multiple account is not allowed. If you have multiple account make sure that only one is active.
  • Breaking one or more of these rules can (and most probably will) get you banned.

If you feel you’ve been banned by mistake or have any other inquiry regarding our faucet rules, please reach us out through our contact page. Keep in mind that if you break one of these rules you will probably be banned permanently.

Chat Rules

The chat box is provided in order for the community to communicate and help each other. We ask all users to follow all chat rules and policies.

  • Do not promote any referral links and shortened links.
  • Spamming is not allowed.
  • Always use the appropriate language for every chat room: English, Russian, and Filipino respectively on each channel. Use also English on the Global Channel on Faucet Page.
  • Discussion of anything religious, political, sexual orientation or gender identity is not allowed.
  • Any issues regarding your account, site errors, or bugs should only be addressed on our contact page.
  • Any form of harassment is NOT allowed

Any violations from the rules mentioned above will get you kicked, suspended, or banned.